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January 2021
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Haste Makes Waste
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Bears and Brandy
Is a challenge that can drive you up a tree!!
In challenging time haste makes waste!

Everyone knows that bears love picnic baskets!
What you should know is just how much bears love black berry brandy.

Packing for a canoe trip is not complicated for example:
Only pack what you are willing to carry
Don’t put food in you personal pack
You don’t need to smell pretty in the woods so leave those sweet smelling personal items home
Transfer liquid items into plastic containers with leak proof seals
Etc. Most of what you just read is common sense and not hard to figure out.

What you want to remember is bears can’t read but they do have a wonderful sense of smell.

It was six in the morning as were breaking camp early to make up for lost time. A bear was also up and decided to visit our camp. This bear did not just mosey into camp acting nosey as bears often do. No this bear went quickly and directly to Tom’s nicely rolled up down sleeping bag.

The bear immediately took the sleeping bag and went for the nearest and tallest white pine on the campsite. We were all dumbfounded and could not imagine what the bear could possibly want with Tom’s sleeping bag.

The bear shredded the bag with his claws and found what it was looking for…a sweet smelling plastic bottle of blackberry brandy. Oh what a delightful moment in this bears life and what a frightful moment for Tom. Tom not only lost his brandy but he also was watching his next four night of sleeping comfort come floating down in the form of a blackberry scented goose down snowstorm.

Tom exclaimed that he thought that in his haste he could save time by rolling the brandy bottle in his sleeping bag. He said he knew the group had to get a move on since we had lost a day of travel due to a previous day of storms and that he was saving time and couldn’t see at the time the implications of his decision.

The bear eventually worked its way down the tree and strolled off into the woods with the remnants of the bag in its powerful jaws.

We all along with Tom recognized that it was now 8:30am and realized that we had fallen further behind and would have to push ourselves even harder throughout the day in order to meet our tow boat arranged pick up time on the following day.

Haste during challenging times does make waste!

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